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Geraldine Whidden

Owner of Natures Symphony Inc., has taught Aromatherapy to over 30,000 students during the past 25 years in schools of massage and aesthetics, hospitals, health care facilities, universities, both domestically and internationally.

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6:00-9:00pm Introduction to Aromatherapy Geraldine Whidden


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  • Introduction to Aromatherapy

    Foundation to understanding what Aromatherapy is, how and why it works. This class covers information necessary to understand the rest of the classes in the series including quality and care of oils, chemotype of oils, distillation process, difference between volatile and fixed oils, etc. Prerequisite for all other aromatherapy courses.

  • Psycho-Aromatherapy

    How Aromatherapy can be used to alter your emotions and mood by stimulating your brain's neurochemicals. Included in the class is discussion of the way the olfactory sense works, specific essential oils to trigger targeted neurochemicals and the effects you might expect.

  • Holistic System

    A structured system to balance body, mind and spirits using essential oils. This system focuses on the properties of 13 powerful essential oils and some of their chemotypes. Prerequisite for the Blending course.

  • Blending

    A workshop using a variety of criteria for custom blending of essential oils. You will have access to a variety of essential oils. This class is a workshop where you will put into use the information and principles you have learned in this series of classes. You will create a personal blend, first designing it on paper and then using the materials discussed.

    All above classes are 3 hours and open to all.

  • Skin Care Class - Part 1

    Your face is your introduction to everyone! Helping you to present your face as youthful, healthy and glowing is our goal.

    Class includes the following:

    1. Introduction to healing and balancing properties and uses of:
      • Hydrosols
      • Essential oils
      • Fixed oils
      • Clays
    2. Based on skin condition, recommended materials indicated for your individual skin needs.
  • Skin Care Class - Part 2

    This class explains the effects on the skin of the 13 essential oils which are part of the Holistic Aromatherapy system based on the work of Dr. Dietrich Gumbel.

  • Skin Care Workshop - Part 3

    Using information learned in Skin Care classes, Parts 1 and 2, you will have fun preparing your own custom hydrosol, daytime moisturizer, night renourisher, and mask according to your unique skin condition and requirements. (Price includes all materials).

    You will take home over $50 worth of custom-made skin care products including:

    • 2 oz. hydrosol
    • 1 oz. day time moisturizer
    • ½ oz. night renourisher
    • 2 oz. mask
  • Perfume Blending Class

    "A Fragrance is born!"

    This class will include a brief history of the role of perfume throughout history including for healing, sorcery, rituals, and magic.

    Discussion of building tools:

    • Fragrance families
    • Types of aromas, including examples of popular commercial perfumes
    • Role of odor intensity and evaporation rates
    • Concretes, absolutes, essential oils
    • Building accords, including samples
    • Experience rare and exotic oils
    • Old, rare and antique perfume books
    • Oil versus alcohol based and solid perfumes
  • Perfume Blending Workshop

    "Why wear Charlie, Estee or Poison? Why not wear YOU?"

    Why wear "Charlie" or "Estee" or "Poison"? Why not wear "You"? In this workshop you will create your own custom perfume to help express your personality and uniqueness using natural plant oils. You will learn the secrets of professionals, entering a realm which has always been shrouded in secrecy and associated with mystery and even magic. This class will help you to counteract the world of synthetic scent with which we are constantly bombarded.

    Call for more information 561.393.0065

  • In the Kitchen with Essential Oils

    Learn how to use essential oils instead of herbs in your recipes. Taste test a herbal tea versus a hydrosol versus an essential oil in water.